Rai2 meets LaChapelle in Maui

The troupe of Rai2’s show “OFFLINE” met David LaChapelle on the island where the artist spend most of his time and is also the set of many of his most recent works: Maui.

The authors and directors, Alice Lizza e Davide Starinieri, arrived on Hawaii during the journey they are undertaking based on the research of the changings brought from the web and social networks on society.

Among the various enterviewed, LaChapelle was one of the few to declare himself completely outside from virtual reality and legitimated his choise of being “Offline” explaing that :“It is uniquely when you focus on isolation that you can catch what is your proper and deep direction and inspiration.”
The photograph effectively found between jungle and ocean his own Paradise and is there that he’s realizing some artworks coming out soon. “Nature, with art, is the only element through we can approach the idea of sublime – he continued – I made most of the important decision of my life far from every noise of the world, encircled by the silence of Nature.”


The episode dedicated to LaChapelle will be broadcast July 23th on Rai2 Channel at 11.30pm.

Alice Lizza with David LaChapelle

Alice Lizza with David LaChapelle



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