About Us

MADEINART is a company based in Rome and Milan. Our core activity is the production and diffusion of art and culture through diverse channels: art exhibitions, documentary films, educational programs, and charity events.

MADEINART productions are the culmination of an intense and energetic process that we follow step by step from concept creation to final realization.

MADEINART is the product of the coming together of talented professionals with a valuable experience in diverse fields: management, art history, curatorial work, film-making, architecture and artistic talent scouting internationally. Since its foundation, the company has availed itself of excellent collaborations that enable it to be a flexible structure.

Thanks to a rich and growing network of relationships with prestigious international institutions, foundations, museums, private and public collections and art galleries, MADEINART can produce all kinds of cultural projects, in particular:

Our aims are:

Madeinart created a strong and long-term bond between art and fashion, promoting the collaboration between famous artists and fashions brands, through the creation of “objets d’art” in limited editions.

Roy Lichtenstein Meditations on Art, Triennale di Milano/ Borbonese

Christopher Makos Altered Images/ Ports 1961

Nathalie Du Pasquier/ 1° Classe Memphis Creval Milano



Art Advisory

MADEINART works in art advisory, specialising in modern and contemporary Italian and American artists for public institutions and private collectors.

Thanks to its experienced professionals, MADEINART follows all phases: from the selection of the artworks, through the due diligence, legal assistance and consultancy up to the negotiation and the final agreement.

MADEINART’s strength lies in a detailed knowledge of the art market and a deep and tight relationship with institutions, prestigious international art fairs, the most influent art galleries and world-renowned auction houses.

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