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David LaChapelle: last chance to visit the exhibit

This weekend is the last chance to visit the exhibition in Rome “David LaChapelle. After the Deluge” curated by Gianni Mercurio and produced by Palaexpo and MADEINART. The exhibition will close on Sunday, September 13th at 8 pm. The artworks exhibited, created by one of the most visionary contemporary photographer, are more than 100 and focus on his artistic path: the most recent works, the real hearth of the exhibition, innovative and created [..] Read More

Dirty Corner exhibited in Versailles

Dirty Corner is on view in the Versailles garden until November first 2015. The site-specific monumental sculpture was created specially for the exhibition in Milan, titled “Dirty Corner”, realized by MADEINART in collaboration with Comune di Milano and Fabbrica del Vapore. The Milanese exhibition with two venues is still the most visited exhibition of the city. The installation consists of a huge steel volume 60 metros long and 8 metros [..] Read More

Rai2 meets LaChapelle in Maui

The troupe of Rai2’s show “OFFLINE” met David LaChapelle on the island where the artist spend most of his time and is also the set of many of his most recent works: Maui. The authors and directors, Alice Lizza e Davide Starinieri, arrived on Hawaii during the journey they are undertaking based on the research of the changings brought from the web and social networks on society. Among the various enterviewed, LaChapelle was one of the few to [..] Read More

The opening

In occasione dell’apertura della mostra, si è tenuto un dinner party presso l’Open Colonna di Palazzo delle Esposizioni alla presenza di David LaChapelle. Tra i 400 invitati hanno partecipato diversi rappresentanti delle istituzioni romane, giornalisti, artisti, celebrities e star internazionali. Tra loro si sono fatti notare l’artista e socialitie Daphne Guinness, il ballerino russo Sergei Polunin – conosciuto in tutto il [..] Read More


On the occasion of the exhibition “Altered Images by Christopher Makos” Fiona Cibani, the Creative Director of Ports 1961, designed a special capsule collection that captures the essence of Makos’ work. The pieces, that will travel around the world together with the exhibition, will be presented and on sale at the showroom assigned. It will also add one item created especially for that particular city, such as the biker jacket created [..] Read More


Christopher Makos returns to roots in his grandparents’ native soil, on the trail of his origins. He will hold a lecture – organized in collaboration with the US Embassy in Athens – scheduled at Megaron – The Athens Concert Hall – next June 4th 2014. The photographer, famous for his shots about Warhol and the eclectic people visiting the Factory, realized the iconographical manifesto of the golden age for the American and worldwide [..] Read More

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