Garon by Yuval Avital

CONCERTO FOR THE SHOW’S CLOSURE A composition dedicated to Anish Kapoor. A large-scale sonic experiment, a concert designed to involve the public and performers in an architecture of meanings and structures: GARON (in Hebrew – “throat”) the brand new opera of Yuval Avital, an emerging talent of the international contemporary music scene, invited by Madeinart to dialogue with  the space of the  “Cathedral” of [..] Read More

Sound @Dirty Corner

On Sunday 8 January, from the Anish Kapoor show in the Fabbrica del Vapore, Milan, acted as host to Sound @Dirty Corner, a musical event organized by MADEINART and MMT Creative Lab. Trumpets, sax, clarinets, violins, violas, cellos, percussion, and voices inhabited and questioned the acoustic spaces inside and outside the enormous steel structure of Kapoor’s 60-metres-long site-specific work. The instruments that played outside the work were [..] Read More

Poor Big Baby #3

Site-specific audiovisual performance by Masbedo On Thursday 15 December at 9.00 p.m. the Anish Kapoor exhibition will host Poor Big Baby #3, a site-specific audiovisual performance by Masbedo, in collaboration with Lagash, a composer and producer of electronic music. In Poor Big Baby #3 Masbedo will project onto two large screens, in a kind of agonistic trance, a series of images generated there and then with a live musical accompaniment by Lagash:  [..] Read More

Patrick Wolf

Lupercalia concert The second of the three dates of Patrick Wolf’s Italian tour has been programmed for Friday 2 December in the Cattedrale area of the Fabbrica del Vapore in Milan, which is currently hosting Anish Kapoor’s site-specific installation Dirty Corner. Organized by the American art-production society MADEINART together with Uovo e Concerto, this acoustic concert with various and original musical instruments will underline [..] Read More

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