Contemporary art documentaries

Workshop: how to make contemporary art documentaries

Saturday 29th October from 3 pm to 7.30 pm; during the two days devoted to the relationship between cinema and contemporary art, Christina Clausen, the award -winning Danish director who has made documentaries about Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, and Anish Kapoor, will organise a workshop for about 20 creative young people.

Devoted to young film-makers, directors, curators, and critics, this workshop will allow the discovery of what cinema and documentaries can offer to artists, and the discovery of the often hidden implications that images or an interview can reveal, both from a human and artistic point of view. There will be illustrated just how concepts arise and develop through the various “technical” steps of realisation: the research and selection of materials, procedures for rights, editing, and post-production. There will also be illustrated issues related to diffusion and distribution in specialized film festivals, contemporary art events, and art exhibitions.

The workshop program will be as follows:

INTRODUCTION: Art documentaries.
FROM THE CONCEPT to THE DEVELOPMENT of a dossier for presenting the project
PRODUCERS: how to find one
THE SCRIPT: locations/research of characters/research of materials and video from archives/leading threads
PRODUCTION’S TOOLS: troupe/editing/post-production
HOW TO WRITE A SYNOPSIS: the students will be invited to develop a synopsis under the supervision of Christina Clausen.

During the workshop some documentaries realised by Christina Clausen will be screened including, among others, Roy Lichtenstein Meditations on Art and Lawrence Ferlinghetti, the Poet and The painter.

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