MADEINART and Anish Kapoor have decided to support the Fondazione Banco Alimentare by passing on to it a part of the money supplied by the sponsors.

The show has been realized with the contribution of the Fondazione AEM, Clifford Chance, and Swarovski.

Marcello Di Capua, president of the Fondazione AEM, has said that “we are pleased to sponsor this exhibition which is part of a series begun some time ago together with the Milan city council; as a result of our collaboration we have been partners for some of the most prestigious shows to be organized in the city. Our link to Milanese culture this year has been further reinforced by the celebrations for the centenary of the city’s water board. We are determined to continue with this fruitful collaboration with the city administration and with its partners“.

The Anish Kapoor project is also being sponsored by Clifford Chance, one of the world’s leading legal studios. Charles Adams, managing partner for Italy, has said, “Anish Kapoor’s art is the expression of a culture that is global, innovative, and of the highest quality and, at the same time, strongly concerned with society. These are values that we have in common and that have convinced us to join this initiative“. For the Kapoor project Clifford Chance will be sponsoring the Banco Alimentare.

The Anish Kapoor show is also the result of a valuable partnership with Swarovski, a firm that has always been interested in the world of art and design. These original installations by a contemporary artist, which transform traditional perceptions of art works and the spaces they inhabit, are a perfect reflection of the brand’s current evolution: a strong identity and a history stretching back for more than a hundred years, together with continual attention to innovation, have gone into making avant-garde jewels and accessories that continue to find new markets and have allowed Swarovski to gain its reputation as a “total look” brand.

  • Madeinart supports Italian Food Bank
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