Antonio Marras


Antonio Marras, seipersei, Galleria Massimo Minini, Brescia, 25/11/2017 – 21/01/2018

On November 25th, 2017 there was the opening of “antonio marras. seipersei”, a solo exhibition at Massimo Minini Gallery in Brescia. At the same time at the Ex Cantine Folonari, was held also the performance, created for this occasion by Antonio Marras, was titled “my heart I’m suffering, what can I do for you?”


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Massimo Minini said:

I never thought I’d do an Antonio Marras’s exhibition. And on the other hand, why would I think of him? Famous, indeed very famous, as fashion designer, a very particular kind of fashion, linked indeed also to art, due to the influence and the admiration of Maria Lai’s work…
A particular world, the one where Marras is born and moves. The world of an island with a strong identity, a culture, a language, a history, even a prehistoric time.

In 1883 in a letter to Anton Rappard Van Gogh wrote: Today I was on the spot where the garbage men carry the rubbish. […]. Tomorrow, from this landfill, someone will bring me some interesting objects because I use them as models. They would be perfect in one of the Andersen’s fairy tales, these collections of buckets, baskets, cauldrons, military pots, cruets, wires, chafing […]. If you come, I’ll take you there, and also in another couple of places – real havens for the artists as much as neglected they may be.

Antonio Marras offers looks and fragments for those that will become his artworks. A way to draw maps and mark territories, a way to organize voices and silences. Marras experiences and ‘feels ‘ the different realities around him, such as the connection with art, with music, with dance, with theatre and cinema: an alphabet for communicating. Marras seems to go trough all the visual culture declinations: from decorations up to details taken from different eras and irreconcilable worlds. Marras is an artist, who cannot be assigned to a single category, a volcano of creativity with no boundaries.

The exhibition was a Massimo Minini personal selection of the artist’s artworks, many presented for the first time, including some new work created exclusively for this exhibition.
Indeed Antonio Marras created an artist’s book, as the result of this particular relationship with Massimo Minini, which consists in a series of photos of the hands and gesture of Marras taken by Minini himself.

The performance titled “My heart, you are suffering. What can I do for you?” is actually a play, conceived and directed by Marras himself, featuring 20 actors.
The actors narrate stories, situations and moments. There are fragments of the artist’ and others’ lives interrelated. In this performance is presented all Marras’ world: art, dance, poetry and fashion.

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