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Ph. Jordan Doner

Christopher Makos (1948, Lowell – Massachusetts) is considered one of the most important living photographers.

His career started in Paris and Italy, where his Milan art dealer, Luciano Anselmino introduced him to Man Ray and Pier Paolo Pasolini.

The influence of the great masters is always visible in Makos works. When he came back to New York, at the end of the 70s, Makos reported the great changes of the period, with an innovative fresh eye.

His original point of view as “chronicler of the life” reveals an inquiring and never intrusive attitude, able to catch through lenses characters and central episodes for contemporary art history, through frames, that are important records of an age. During the 80’s Makos photographed his friend Warhol as they traveled the world together. In New York, Warhol often posed for Makos formal studio sessions.

The material Makos collected came to be recognized as the single most complete photographic record of Warhol’s life in the 80’s as an artist, traveler, model and friend during the last decade of Warhol’s life.

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