Antonio Marras – seipersei

Ph. Daniela Zedda  [..]

Keith Haring – About Art

A major exhibition of over 110 works by this brilliant American artist is being held at Palazzo Reale. They come from public and private, American, European and Asian collections, many are extremely large, some have never been exhibited before or never been shown in Italy. This show renders the full significance and complexity of Keith Haring’s research for the first time, by highlighting its relationship with art history. The exhibition layout [..] Read More

Food Design & Food Art

Workshop ART, NUTRITION, AND SUSTAINABILITY On 21 November a master class was held, organized by Paolo Barichella in collaboration with the Fondazione Banco Alimentare ONLUS. The master class provided an introduction to theories about the relationship between food design and food art, the peculiarities of food design, and the practical application of concepts and techniques of dietary planning. After having inquired into the usability and possible [..] Read More

A dialogue with Kapoor

EDUCATIONAL PROGRAMME FOR SCHOOLS AND FAMILIES ABOUT ANISH KAPOOR’S WORK “DIRTY CORNER” Curated by Madeinart A double exhibition in Milan of the work of an artist like Anish Kapoor, universally considered one of the most significant sculptors on the international scene, gives us the possibility to devise a teaching course that offers schools the possibility to examine the languages of contemporary art. Kapoor’s work has the merit [..] Read More

Thank you!

The exhibition @ Rotonda della Besana is over, still open @ Fabbrica del Vapore. The section of the Anish Kapoor exhibtion at Rotonda della Besana is ended on October 9th. We want to thank everyone who contributes to its realization and success, the Municipality of Milan and its staff and our partners,  without supporting us nothing would have been possible. We want to thank specially the thousands of visitors : the whole event was dedicated to them [..] Read More

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